Social Brain Manifestations

We have been always attentive to the development of the techno-scientific bases of the social productive force. Therefore we have been following up the swift development of the world communication network, meant as movement of men, things and especially information: a real collective brain. Our "two-ways" correspondences show us that some find our job stimulating even though they are dubious about our trust in the role of science concerning revolution. Others are enthusiastic about this matter as they consider it as much important as the revolution due to Darwin's evolution against the previous immanentist conception of shapes and organization of the living; others in turn are spitefully judging our attention towards "bourgeois science" which is unable to solve mankind dilemmas.

Apart from this inevitable simplification of far more subtle opinions, the question is not obviously about "judgement" of individuals. It is a fact that mankind spend more time on material production rather than on ideas production: among the latter, during the course of entire history cycles, it grabs the ideas from the previous revolution and for the rest it concentrates on the production and reproduction of society. All we are interested in is the material side of life, as we know that thoughts come last in getting started. That is why we say that it is silly to start off in fourth gear and idealistically establish which one is the way to follow, whether that of perplexity, enthusiasm or spite. When we talk about revolutionary processes, their alternative never lies within the observed field but elsewhere. That's where we want to get. An individual can express his personal judgement at the most but it is the species that is thinking. The species and his environment can be considered as one set made up of moving and interacting cells, so giving rise to rejects but also to new configurations.

A cell that is considered the very first step of a living being is made of one hundred billions molecules that cannot be considered as living. Therefore, the phenomenon of life comes from the significant number and mostly organizational quality this ensemble reaches. Cells are not all the same, neither are their molecules. Different cells are, in turn, part of complex organs belonging to an even more complex organism. Least different and non-living parts belong to a system that is both living and intelligent, able to metabolise material, energy, concepts knowledge; and able to make conscious and projected changes. Therefore, these systems are not made up of single heaped granules but of elements that are interacting, so making them able to increase the information contained within this ensemble. In a word we know very well, they are organic

When an individual is facing a problem and needs to solve it, he uses his accumulated knowledge; however, once again, his limits compel him to concentrate on one aspect and become an expert on particulars or ensembles. A couple of well-known jokes on experts from factory sites can help simplify the above topic with no need for lengthy explanations. The first one is dedicated to boring people that boast of their knowledge no matter what phenomenon they are facing: "Please activate your brain connection before opening your mouth". The second one is dedicated especially to experts: "A specialist knows everything about nothing while a systems analyst knows nothing about everything". In the first case, we need to relate the mechanic apparatus that repeats all existing information to the net of neurons that is generating new one; in the second case, we have the dialectics of the passing to quality due to the sum of two zeros: both specialist and systems analyst solve effectively the whole range of production problems, however only when together. Togetherness is completeness, not the sum of two illiterates. The super-system tongue-brain-specialist-systems analyst is an ensemble with a great organic potential.

The bourgeois propose a model of planetary super organism made up of productive and communicative networks by philosophically speculating on the future of mankind, mostly to make money thanks their research on all analogies between market and brain. Still, quitting the Marxist concept of social brain only because it seems to be founded on the very same material features being finally envisaged by the bourgeois, too, seems a bit silly. Everyone is free to play the Marxist he likes, however we know that following the material development of socialized work is vital. From Marx's Grundrisse up to the "Italian" Communist Left literature, many texts of our revolutionary school have dealt with the social brain much before it fully manifested itself, and left us such good theoretical arms to extract and link together all traces leading to define the becoming of the species. After all, this is a high level organism, made up of complex relations, interactions between specialized sectors, co-operation between individuals and groups within broader systems, self-organization thus emergency of brand new structures suitable for future development. It is not a mystery that our school considers both this material potential and consequent revolutionary patrimony as historical party and expects on this basis the emerging of a formal party: proletarian, communist, class and totalitarian to those who mind all adjectives.

Mind you, we do not expect the bourgeoisie to utilize this knowledge and reality beneath it in a way that goes along with our future social development. Still, we are aware that the relation among our present productive basis, bourgeoisie and the future society is the same as the one between a machine, production of consumer goods and production of an object useful to mankind. Today, our social brain is still at a very primitive stage and has chaotic, contradictory and self-destructing reactions. However, its potential abilities are already visible once it would set free from this production method.

Within the development of our whole social brain its specific so called Internet instrument was born 30 years ago but has bloomed, as we all know, for only five years. Previously it existed as a system of technical features, but it did not have yet any critical mass of human cells to make use of it or better to belong to. This brain has grown, gaining cells (neurons), connections (synapses), mass, information, memory, speed and intelligence. It is a product of Capitalism, thank you very much. Still, as Marx taught us, any advanced product of Capitalism is also its own denial.

The world as a whole organism has been very quick at passing from metaphor to a model and now to living reality that is trying to achieve a higher level of outlet, thus forcing mankind to run after its phenomenon like puppets. They call it globalisation and both makers on one side and deniers on the other are lined up like in a crusade. In the meantime, this process is progressing, non-stop, thus paving the way for mutagenic cells that are new, different and foreseeing a new society.